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Dubai is a city of superlatives:

Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates and an attraction for investors and vacationers from all over the world.

Sun and the sea

Dubai is a paradise of eternal summer, where sun, sand and bright blue skies delight people all year round. Here you can forget about everyday life and enjoy the weather, the beauty of the landscapes and the culture. Discover the fascinating Dubai and let yourself be captivated by the charm & irresistible attraction.

Geographical position

Dubai’s ideal geographic location allows for effortless travel from Germany in less than 6 hours of flight time. With cheap flights starting at just 400 euros round trip with Emirates, Dubai is becoming a desirable destination, especially during the winter cold in Europe. Immerse yourself in the warmth and magic of Dubai as you escape the daily grind and create unforgettable experiences & experiences within reach.

Tax Paradise

In Dubai, real estate ownership and renting are not taxed. No income tax or other comparable private taxes exist, regardless of the source of income, be it stocks, rental income, or cryptocurrencies. Dubai offers a tax free environment for your financial freedom & independence.

Infrastructure and dynamics

Dubai is regarded worldwide as a symbol of modern achievements. The city can also score points with an outstanding & high-quality infrastructure. Home to the world’s busiest airport, Dubai has set new standards in logistics and infrastructure, and also has world-class ports to handle large volumes of goods. Immerse yourself in the dynamic energy of this city, characterized by its technological sophistication and advanced structures, known worldwide.

Buy profitable

Dubai’s average price per square meter is an impressively low 4,000 euros and remains well below the real estate prices of comparable world metropolises despite global trade and the very high standard of living. These attractive prices offer enormous growth potential as well as the prospect of value increases in the future. Immerse yourself in the exciting world of Dubai, where yet undiscovered opportunities for investment and wealth creation open up to you.

Rent profitably

Dubai offers not only an investor-focused environment, but also impressive rental yields. The properties we present to you generally vary with a ROI between 6-12%, depending on the location and amenities of the property. Immerse yourself in a world of opportunities where you can benefit from profitable investments and achieve financial success. Dubai is the place where emotions and financial gain come together in harmonious unity.

With us you save time and money:

On average, only 3 interactions with Weltmann specialists are required to purchase a property:


Individual selection of available properties that meet your expectations of price and profitability.

Information exchange

Detailed acquaintance with the objects and assistance in choosing the most suitable options.


After a successful property inspection, a contract is signed and the documents are sent to DLD in electronic form.

No suitable project found?

Contact us! With our access to the latest construction projects in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we will find the perfect project for you.

What our customers say

Andreas Schulz
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Excellent service from start to finish! Working with WELTMANN GmbH was a real pleasure. You accompanied us in the purchase of our dream house in Düsseldorf and advised us competently. The team was always available to answer our questions and guide us through the entire buying process. Your professionalism and transparency impressed us. Thanks to them we found the perfect property and feel completely happy in our new home. Many thanks to the entire team at WELTMANN GmbH!
Peter Gheismann
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Absolutely professional service! WELTMANN GmbH assisted us with our house sale in Düsseldorf, and we couldn't be more satisfied. From start to finish, the team was extremely dedicated, competent and friendly. They handled the entire process smoothly and efficiently, which saved us a lot of stress. Thanks to their extensive knowledge of the market, they found the perfect buyer and achieved a great sales price. We can recommend WELTMANN GmbH to anyone looking for a first-class real estate agent. Greetings Gheismann family
Natalie Bott
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The WELTMANN company prepared a professional and detailed assessment for our project and accompanied us to completion. Absolutely recommendable! 100 percent recommendation.
Anna Raphaela
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Great company - Great objects! Help one in any area, you have properties for capital investors or even homes, in addition you help with emigration and financing. All around package 😊
Timur Carboga
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Despite initial doubts to leave a broker the sale of the property, but still "persuaded" to agree to a collaboration. After just under a month, I have to say, went great. Seller satisfied - buyer satisfied. 🙂 Everything that was discussed was adhered to. Great praise to Mr. R. Becker.
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Very nice and professional contact . Everything was super presented and sold with a maximum price that was previously determined. Mr. Wanderer was always available and made a lot of effort. Fast processing was included.
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The exposé as well as the photos contained therein have presented the apartment realistically and in detail. The consultation was open, honest and very friendly. Mr. Becker took time for our questions and is very competent. I can only recommend it.
Agathe Windt
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The first contact after my inquiry at a real estate portal was made with Mr. Becker from Weltmann very promptly. An initial inspection and valuation was done very professionally. After placing the order with Weltmann, Mr. Becker accompanied me through the entire sales process. I was informed at all times about the status of the sale, if necessary, the conversation was sought and a solution was found. All necessary steps were discussed in a timely manner. All appointments of viewings or contract conclusion with the notary were planned and carried out in close consultation. In summary, I felt that I was treated professionally and with confidence by Mr. Becker. Thanks again and best regards!
Silke Taubert
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Here all my expectations were exceeded, very friendly quick contact, professional implementation and always available as a contact person Really great, just recommend it! Mrs. Marleen Wille is mega motivated and goal oriented, so that buyers and sellers are happy.

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